ELF RACING 0W-30 motorolie HTX3830. 1 liter

Varenr.: ELF-HTX3830
233,00  DKK
ELF HTX 3830 is a multigrade lubricant designed for 4-stroke petrol engines.
ELF HTX 3830 is specially designed to obtain maximum engine power performances
over short and/or very short runs: short races and qualifying sessions.
ELF HTX 3830 is an excellent compromise between performance and reliability
particularly recommended for MotoGP, Superbike and Supersport engines.
ELF HTX 3830 is used for 4-stroke, naturally aspirated or turbocharged petrol engines,
up to 19,000 rpm.
ELF HTX 3830 is perfectly suited to competitions of short and very short duration:
 Sprint circuit
 Qualifying races
 Hill climb races
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