ELF RACING 5W-30 motorolie HTX3835. 1 liter

Varenr.: ELF-HTX3835
214,00  DKK

ELF HTX 3835 is a multigrade lubricant designed for 4-stroke petrol engines.
ELF HTX 3835 is specially designed to obtain maximum engine power over short
and/or very short runs.
ELF HTX 3835 is especially recommended for short, intense races where maximum
performance is sought such as sprint circuit and qualifying races.
ELF HTX 3835 5W30 offers the maximum engine protection for outstanding reliability
and maintain engine performance under prolonged heavy loading. Directly based on
ELF experience in motorsport, ELF HTX 3835 is particularly recommended for
MotoGP, Superbike and Supersport engines.
ELF HTX 3835 is used for the following applications:
 4-stroke naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines, up to 19,000 rpm and

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