ELF RACING 75W-80 gearolie HTX725. 5 liter

Varenr.: ELF-HTX725
1.212,00  DKK

ELF HTX 725 results directly from our accurate research and development's work carried out in Formula 1.
Designed to reduce the power loss into transmission to the minimum, its performance has been proven in GP2/GP3 as well as Formula Renault's engines. Ideal for gearbox, manual or sequential, with limited slip differential or not, coupled with high RPM engines
ELF HTX 725 is a multigrade lubricant specially developed for gearboxes coupled to 4-stroke engines or even 2-stroke engines in some specific cases.
ELF HTX 725 is perfectly suited for runs of short and medium duration in which the performance research is the main key point.
ELF HTX 725 had been validated and approved for its performance in many monotype championships and in endurance, tested over a 6000km rolling

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