Sachs koblingsnav med torsionsdæmper 881861 000037

Varenr.: SAC-881861 000037
2.803,00  DKK

SACHS Sintered clutch disc Renault Clio III R.S. Cup og MITJET 2L

The SACHS pressure plate allows for higher transmittable torque and greater resistance to axial loads than standard clutches.
These clutches therefore have a much longer life span. With the shorter ratios, gear changes are faster and sportier.
Specially designed for Gr.A and Gr.N cars.
Fitted as a direct replacement for the standard part in most cases.

Disc type: Sintered disc with torsion springs.
Designed for intensive race use, the friction plates use springs or polyurethane as a vibration damper, depending on use.
The friction plates are riveted on to the disc. Their material means they can withstand very high temperatures.
Not recommended for road use.

Disc specifications:

- Clutch diameter: 228 mm
- Teeth : 21
- Hub : 23,2x23,8-21
- Thickness : 7.8 mm
- Max torque : 600 Nm

Varenr.:SAC-881861 000037